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Nordic Tugs New Boat Models

At Nordic Tugs, the emphasis is always on quality over quantity. Each vessel is inspected at every stage to ensure it meets our stringent requirements for performance, durability, comfort, silent operation and fuel efficiency. Over 120 components and processes are monitored on the hull and deck before the two parts are ever bonded together, and this is only the beginning of Nordic Tugs’ quality assurance.

Every handcrafted Nordic Tugs boat begins with thoughtful design, from fiberglass components engineered for added strength and safety to a spacious engine room with systems that are easy to access and clearly labeled. We understand that quiet operation and freedom from vibration is important to you.   Noise reduction is designed from the keel up and is never an afterthought.


2017 Nordic Tugs 54
2017 Nordic Tugs 49
2017 Nordic Tugs 44
2017 Nordic Tugs 40
2017 Nordic Tugs 34
2017 Nordic Tugs 26